Here are some of the comments  we have received for our Holy Land, Greece and Russia’s  Tours

* Tours With Michael is an exceptional context in which to visit the Holy Land! Michael is very experienced and well known there. He is able to open doors that few others can.

His command of the local language, culture and personnel is one of the keys to a profound experience.

This is the tour you want!

V. R. Father Mathew Tate, the Annunciation Orthodox Church, Milwaukie, OR.

* My trip to the Holy Land in 2017 was a dream come true thanks to Michael’s well organized and executed travel arrangements.
His 15 years of experience showed up in so many ways to make the trip far exceed my expectations, I was amazed the cost compared to the quality of all the services provided.
The highlight was making so many new friends and sharing our faith together in a far off place where it first began over 2,000 years ago.  John Lampros

* Dear Michael,

What a rich blessing that was participating in a Holy Land Pilgrimage led by you.

With your great experience and knowledge you had put together a wonderful itinerary utilizing quality accommodations, excellent Tour Guides, and a masterful Driver with encompassed in an amazing quality Tour Bus.

Having all these things organized and in place made it a specially spiritually rewarding Pilgrimage that we will always treasure. Thank you.

Father Paul Paris, Holy Trinity Cathedral, Portland, OR.

* Michael, thank you for the Voyage of a life time!
The Holy Land Tour was indeed a journey of a lifetime!
A voyage that will be etched for ever in my soul.
Until my return home all seemed “surreal “… then when it became real, the following three things rose within me:
Strength, Hope and Promise….Strength of my Christian faith, Hope for life for good things to come and Promise for everlasting life.  John Souris

* I went on a tour of the Holy Land organized by Michael Alyas in April of 2018. Michael’s experience and local knowledge  has made the trip.                                     The accommodations, restaurant choices, transportation, and local guides were excellent. The itinerary was packed and we saw a lots of amazing sites in the short period that we were in country. No time was wasted and yet it was relaxing.  Anthony Pappas

* Dear Michael,

I just want to thank you for every thing you have done for me at this Holy Land Tour…it was indeed the best time in my life.

God bless you forever. Hiwda Fajloun

* Dear Michael,

As this is my second Pilgrimage with you, I would like to thank you sincerely my Dear for a truly great and Holy Journey to the Holy Land, I hope you have enjoyed the Tour with us and pray that you did not get worn down with all of us women and our many demands 🙂

God bless. Presbyterra, Wendy Gendi

* Mr. Michael…you are an amazing organizer indeed! I had great time meeting many people of great interest on your Tour to the Holy land…But most importantly, you truly have managed and run the itinerary with such skills and effectiveness.

Great Hotels, Great food.

You have surely instilled the Holy Bible in our hearts and minds in a magical way, thank God for you. Khalil Kardous


* Dear Michael, I appreciate all you have done to organize this amazing trip, it has opened my eyes and heart to the spirit of Orthodoxy. I pray that our gracious Lord continues to bless you with good health, patience! and wit!

Thank you, Sophia Zakhem

* The trip to the Holy Land was excellent, it was my dream trip. I couldn’t believe been in the country where Christ was & still is. Everything and everyone was excellent.

I left everything behind and went regardless of my work. I enjoyed it the most.

Thanks to you, the super organizer, the Tour Guide, the Bus driver and the group. Rachelle Bond

* Thank you Michael for organizing our Greece pilgrimage, as all went to plan, international and domestic Flights, Hotels, Buses etc.
Peter and I both went to Greece for spiritual reasons to grow our faith & we certainly did that.

The vast majority of places were great, with the Rhodes Island Resort my best hotel.

Thank you, Father Paul Elhelou, St Nicholas Church, Punchbowl, Australia.

* Michel Mon Ami

Thanks for your great organizational skills! Karen and I were extremely pleased with the Tour. Amazing experience indeed, Don West

* Thank you so much Michael. It was honestly the Best thing I’ve ever done 🙂 I wouldn’t change a second of it for the world, Dena Fayad
*First I would like to apologize for not sending this email earlier. My mum Hana who was on your Tour to the Holy Land and Greece last May asks me every day to send you her thanks and her gratitude.

I  would also like to thank you Michael and the organizers and in particular Amal for all your support and assistance you provided to my mother during her trip. She obviously had a fantastic time as till this day she can’t  stop talking about it!

She tells us about all the people she met on her trip and how lovely and helpful everyone was.

Again our many thanks. Mary Makdesi

* Thank you Michael on these kind and humble words. I personally enjoyed the Tour and it was a blessing from God to meet more good Christian people’.

Kind regards, Nick Sarraf

* You are the best by far…I loved every moments on this great Tour Michael, I can not thank you enough.

Blessings, Nicolas Tannous